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It is my intention to
keep things as pure
and simple as possible.

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All about me and my happy bees

Hello my name is Tracy, owner of The Happy Bee Company!

My interest in bees started as a bee keeper, helping to run the Westerham Bee Keepers training apery – I spend a lot of time with bees, which means I have a lot of honey and wax under my belt so it was only natural that my interest in natural skincare products made from beeswax would follow!

You see, my youngest son (now 21) has quite bad eczema, and about four years ago he had a bad flair up. None of his normal creams seemed to be helping so I went on a mission to try and find something that might. It was then that I realised that my girls (my bees) already gave me most of what I needed, so I set to learning how to use it!

It wasn’t a miracle cure (nothing ever is!) but it definitely helped, and now my son has another weapon in his arsenal to help to combat his eczema.
From then onwards, I had an interest that would not go away, and eventually I bought The Happy Bee Company from Sally so I could turn this interestinto my profession – as well as my passion!

It is my intention to keep things as pure and simple as possible while maintaining Sally’s high standards, continuing to produce skincare products to the same high standard that you have come to know and love.