Night Cream


  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Repairing
  • Nourishing

Active Ingredients: Wheatgerm Oil, Tamanu Oil and Hyaluronic Acid

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This is a rich night cream, designed to sooth away lines and wrinkles, hydrating the skin and allowing it to repair over night

Wheatgerm oil penetrates the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised as well as caring for skin that has been damaged by things such as sunburn, irritation, dryness and itching. Because of its high vitamin E and Linoleic acid, wheatgerm oil helps to protect and restore the skin’s natural barrier allowing you to wake up with refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Tamanu oil has an unusually high absorption rate and a luxurious feel. It has a unique ability to encourage the growth of new tissue, accelerating wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Retinol (Vitamin A) helps to slow the effects of aging. It helps to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, leaving your face vibrant and clear in the morning.