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Rejuvinating Hand Cream


  • Fades Ages Spots
  • Plumps Skins
  • Hydrates

Active Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Tamanu oil, Green Tea Botanical and Carrot seed Co2 Extract

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This hand cream is particularly focussed on dealing with extreme dryness, and soreness after washing or using cleaning products

Carrot seed Co2 Extract works well to protect the hands from UVA radiation. The extract nourishes and rejuvenates as well as  containing natural healing properties.

Tamanu oil is known for healing and tissue regeneration. It also has a soft velvety quality too.

Rice bran oil is rich in Vitamin E, it helps to plump and sooth the skin and is perfect for sensitive skin

Green Tea botanical is rich in Vitamin K and helps to protect against and prevent age spots and dark skin patches that can occur on the hands.

Directions of use

Times of application

Apply in the Mornings and Evenings and during the day after hand washing

Directions of Use:

  • Apply a small amount to clean dry skin. Dab the cream onto the area using small, light, upward strokes from the finger tips towards the wrist, until the cream is partially absorbed.
  • Leave to fully absorb naturally for 5 minutes.


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