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Sensitive Hand Cream


  • Protecting
  • Healing
  • Soothing

Active Ingredients: Wheatgerm Oil, Arctic Oat CO2 Extract and Avocado Oil

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This is a soothing hand cream designed for particularly sensitive skin. Its fragrance and allergen free offering a healing and anti-itching product

Wheatgerm oil has one of the highest percentages of vitamin E, it possesses powerful antioxidisation properties, helping to combat the signs of aging and reducing the appearance of scarring in skin.

Arctic Oat Co2 Extract is known for its soothing and calming effects – ideal for sensitive, dry and atopic skin conditions

Avocado oil is often recommended as an effective treatment eczema and other forms of skin inflammation. Full of vitamins A, D and E, Avocado oil is totally and quickly absorbed into the skin, making it extremely good at hydrating and softening your hands.

We’ve kept this product fragrance free and allergen free so its as kind to the skin as possible.

Directions of use

Times of application

Apply in the Mornings and Evenings and during the day after hand washing

Directions of Use:

  • Apply a small amount to clean dry skin. Dab the cream onto the area using small, light, upward strokes until the cream is partially absorbed.
  • Leave to fully absorb naturally for 5 minutes.


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