The Secret about Serums



The Secret about Serums


So we’ve all heard of them and we know they can be expensive but what exactly is a Serum? What does it do? And…why the high price tag?

Well, I’ve done a bit of research on your behalf and while Serums first started out as a blend of intense oils that were chosen for their specific properties, things have moved on. While you can still get serums in little brown oil bottles with pipette droppers, new to the market are gels and milks. Hmm….so what is a serum exactly?

It’s not so much as what it looks like or the form in comes in, but what it does, and is used for, that makes a Serum a Serum.

They’re designed to have a specific purpose to them. Serums are formulated to focus on a small area and to do a definite job – whether that is conditioning your fingernails or working on deep creases in your brow. They work on target areas and resolve specific issues. furrowed brow

And the reason for the price tag? Serums are intense. They’re packed with oils and additional extracts that are concentrated and work on a molecular level. This is where the aim is quality over quantity comes in and are packed with a punch – and that comes at a price. But the good news is that a little goes a long way.

A good serum should last you 6 months but not much longer – Because they’re full of natural active ingredients, these can and do deteriorate over time. Unless you fill the serum with preservative which is not good, the product needs to be relatively fresh to be effective.

We’re bringing out a new range of serums soon that we’re working on at The Happy Bee Company, these are designed with specific jobs to do so they can concentrate on detailed areas.

Forehead Serum

  • Helps to reduce
  • deep creases.
  • Plumps & Tones

Neck Serum:

  • Uplifting
  • Smoothing
  • Improves suppleness

 Cheek and Jowl Serum:

  • Uplifting
  • Lightens age spots
  • Fades dark patches

Hand Serum

  • Fades age spots
  • Protects and
  • Plumps skin

 Fingernail Serum

  • Strengthens
  • Conditions
  • Nourishes

Spidervein Serum

  • Helps to reduce
  • Thread veins &
  • bruising

Toenail Serum

  • Repairing
  • Conditioning
  • Nourishing