Wake up and get ready!



Wake up and get ready!

5Last night was pretty exciting for me… my first chance to try out my new recipe for a foaming shower oil.

Hot showers this time of year are the perfect way to start the day aren’t they? They warm you up and get your all ready for the day ahead. Time to wake up calm and relaxed and ready for anything.

One problem with this warm heaven….I don’t know about you, but it sure does dry my skin out – all over – on my back, my thighs etc. And that makes me itchy and uncomfortable.

Oils are great for resolving this – but sometimes, the after shower workout in cleaning the oil slick line really helps to break me out into a sweat! Kind of spoils the whole relaxing and getting ready easily somehow especially when time is in short supply!

The solution….our foaming shower oil……yay!!

A lot of shower gels have all sorts of ‘stuff’ in them to help dissolve oils into the water. I’m not so sure if this doesn’t actually contribute to more drying skin, as a detergent is indiscriminate in removing oil…natural or not, so skin is stripped well and truly of all oils.

I’ve come up with a recipe that is as simple as I can make it. It contains oils (Olive Oil and Avocado oil) and then a new ingredient called Coco Glucoside which causes foaming – really good with a buff puff – so I’ve included one of those in the pack too.

Coco Glucoside comes from renewable raw materials such as coconut oil and fruit sugars and is completely biodegradable. So a winner all round!

I’ve added a special blend of essential oils – May Chang, Petitgrain, Black pepper, Sweet Orange and Tea Tree: which not only are uplifting and calming fragrances, but also help remove body odours and treat bacteria so helps reduce acne (I used to get those annoying spots on my back) and heals general cuts, grazes, dryness and cracking skin.

The gorgeous May Chan essential oil, not only improves your mood but helps with eczema and eases respiratory conditions too.

Ladies and Gentlemen – The Happy Bee Company is pleased to offer their Foaming Shower Oil, designed to energise, smooth and revitalise you and your skin!

I hope you like it –  Click here to buy