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Foot Scrub


  • Removes Hard Skin
  • Softens Heals
  • Hydrates Skin

Active Ingredients: Sea Salt, Tea-Tree and Peppermint Essential Oils


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This is a great course foot scrub designed to handle the toughest, roughest skin on heels and soles of feet. Works well with our foot heeling balm and foot soak

This is a dry scrub – of a wet sand consistency. The moisturising oils and waxes include coconut oil that melts on contact with the skin to soften the skin

Course Dead Sea Salt is a great exfoliator helping to soften the skin as well as clean and heal wounds.

We’ve added Tea Tree and Peppermint Essential oils to act as a de-odouriser. Tea-tree and Peppermint also work as anti-infection and anti-fungal oils. Leaving your skin soft, fresh and healed.

Directions of use

Times of application

In the evenings when you’re not likely to wear shoes again that day

Directions of Use:

  • 1 – Remove 2 teaspoons of scrub from the pack and into a separate bowl to keep the unused scrub dry.
  • 2 – Prepare a bowl of comfortably hot water and have a towel to hand to dry your feet afterwards.
  • 3 – Dampen down the skin on your foot by immersing it in the water then remove your foot and place it on the towel.
  • 4 – With half the scrub in the palm of your hand, cup your foot and use slow large circular motions to rub the scrub into the rough skin. Use your fingers and thumb in small circular motions to add extra effect to particularly rough areas.
  • 5 – Re-immerse your foot into the water to rinse off the salt. Rub gently.
  • 6 – Re-place your foot back on the towel and wrap up your foot and pat dry. Leave to air dry for 5 minutes before applying additional foot care products.


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